Standardization, Digital Adoption and Automation


The educational initiative in cooperation with SNAME NTUA Greek Student Section organized the event with subject: ‘’ Ships of future: Standardization, digital adoption and Automation.’’

The event took place on June 16th, for the celebration of Greek Merchant Navy Day.

Hosted at Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, the meeting aimed to establish a dialogue between students and professionals about the evolution of marine technology and the "Automated Ships".

Particularly, the speakers referred to the advantages of automated ships that will bring a technological revolution in the shipping industry over the next decades, focusing on increasing the vessels’ efficiency and in fact to offer higher benefits to the shipping companies which invest in such technologies.

They pointed out that the vessels could be autonomously operated by advanced systems on board, while the monitoring and controlling will be executed by an operator in a shore control center.

In conclusion, all of them ensured the audience that the existence of seafarers will always remain necessary.