Bellevue 2013

The Successful presence of the Greek Student Section in the 2013 SNAME Annual Meeting in Bellevue


This year SNAME organized its Annual Meeting in Bellevue, comprising a series of events that attracted the academic and industrial elite. The Greek Student Section had a significant presence in yet another Annual Meeting thanks to our sponsors' courteous support.

Attendants of the Annual Meeting

Acknowledging the great academic importance of such an event, our intention was to fund as many students as we could. We received three applications that covered the set criteria and we accepted all of them. More specifically:

  Evangelos Loukatos is in his final year of studies, working on his diploma thesis and simultaneously working in th
e technical department of a major shipping company.
  Efstathios Karlis is entering his 5th year of studies, having completed a useful internship and gained insight into technical and professional matters.
 Georgios Dafermos is entering his 4th year of studies being a great student and an active student member.

Two Officers of the Greek Student Section also attended the Annual Meeting, Michael Foteinos (Chairman) and Ilias Soultanias (Secretary/Treasurer). In the above picture you can see the Greek delegation together with Professor Papanikolaou, Chairman of the Greek Section.


Activities in the Annual Meeting

  The Greek delegation departed from Athens at November,4th, 2013 and the following day,
we all volunteered in the preparations of the Annual Meeting which was greatly appreciated by all SNAME Officers. The volunteering work from our Section did not stop there, as all five delegates also served as Assistant Presiding Officers in papers presented at the conference, some of us more than once.

It has been a great experience attending the Technical program, job fair, roundtable discussions, expo, and the networking in the Social events. We are proud, that we sang our National Anthem in the annual banquet carrying on the tradition and that the Greek Section was honored as a Top Super Section for a second consecutive year.