Riding the waves of innovation


On the 5th of April, SNAME NTUA Greek Student Section held its third technical presentation during which Mrs. Evi Politi, R&D Manager and Dr Stamatios Arkoulis, Analytics Specialist from Danaos Corporation spoke on the subject of ‘’ Applications on Data Analytics in Shipping’’

In their presentation ‘’ Riding the Waves of Innovation’’ shared Danaos views on the contemporary “smart” way of ship management and monitoring exploiting data analytics techniques that allows creating new high standards and maintaining competitive advantage and the vision for the future.

They made an overview on how shipping is moving away from its traditional modus operandi, toward the new era of ‘’smart shipping’’.

Eventually both speakers presented the Waves platform, through a full demonstration of all our advanced analysis tools including vessels Map and Algorithms, to explain the design concept of making big data best use and remaining one step ahead in terms of technology and innovation.

It was an honor to have a presentation from the R&D department and at the same time a great opportunity to get our eyes in the data analytics and data management areas and learn about further developments in shipping industry.

The end of the presentation was followed by a very constructive Q&A section, as the students’ interest & excitement were highlighted; their questions were targeted and addressed to real business issues.