Posidonia 2016






Posidonia is a firm fixture for the global shipping industry. Every two years is held in Athens, Greece and provides the essential place for serious business at the largest gathering in the shipping calendar. This year Posidonia fair was held in Metropolitan Expo Center from Monday 6/06/2016 up to Friday 10/06/2016 and for the fifth time SNAME participated with its own stand, 2'435/5 at Hall 2.

SNAME president elect Joe Comer and SNAME Executive Director Erik Seither attended the Posidonia Exhibition and were on hand at the SNAME stand. The prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, the US Ambassador in Athens and the US Maritime Administrator visited the SNAME stand as well as many persons around the world.

During the exhibition around 25 new member registrations were made, while more than 25 publications were ordered.

All the arrangements and preparations for the SNAME stand were made by SNAME's European Regional Office (SERO) and the stand set up was made with the help of NTUA and TEI student members. In total 25 volunteer SNAME NTUA, TEI and UOS (University of Strathclyde) student members attended the stand in three shifts.

During the Posidonia week a number of networking events are organised such as the Posidonia Cup Sailing Race in Faliron Bay, Piraeus and many learning and social activities were added to the Posidonia- SNAME events agenda.



                                                      POSIDONIA REGATA

SNAME participated in the 2016 Posidonia Regata with 10 SNAME Greek members crewing the boat, There were 60 sailing boats in the race, in Performance, Standard, IRC and classic divisions. In the images below: The SNAME crew aboard Christina II





                                             MENTOR FOR A DAY PROGRAM

 SNAME student members were invited to participate in the MFD that is organised for the first time during Posidonia and aspired to fill in the gap between students and recent graduates, and exhibited companies by bringing them together through a ''Mentor''. Mentors shared their experience with students, imparted their knowledge, paid a visit to booths of their choice and answered questions. Each session last up to 2 hours and started from the SNAME stand.

Here are some personal views from our SNAME-NTUA students:


"As a SNAME student member I participated in MFD program during the latest Posidonia Exhibition in 2016 and I wish I could do this again in the next Posidonia. It was an exceptional initiative bridging the gap between students and professionals. As a student you apart from meeting a very interesting and experienced professional, you get the chance to meet, through them, several other professionals around the exhibition as well. You also get the chance to discuss about the most "hot" topics in the market and view the solutions proposed either from the professionals escorting you or from several exhibitors. My personal experience was to follow two superintendents and we discussed about the news of the marked today, which companies seem to be the main drivers for each sector (or rather which ones do they trust more). Our group consisted of 5 students and 2 professionals and we walked together in 3 expo halls spending more than 3-4 hours receiving great mentoring. It was a great opportunity to meet other students from the Strathclyde University and the TEI of Athens. In more detail, we spent a lot of time visiting booths of navigation companies offering 3D representation maps, route analysis, route calculation and optimization. Furthermore we visited the major Shipyard booths from Korea and China and later we visited other companies presenting several systems from ballast treatment and mooring devices to life saving equipment. Personally I think it was a great experience that all students should try to get at least once. Last but not least note that meeting all these professionals is essential for our future as well since the NAME community is relatively small and sooner or later we ourselves will be working together or for such professionals."

George Rossopoulos


 ''During the Posidonia exhibition, I had the pleasure to sign up for the Mentor For a Day program with mr. Azriel Rahav, from Israel, a professional with an exceptional educational background in various fields. It was a great experience. We had a very interesting conversation on our industry which was very useful in understanding the international character of our profession. The MFD program was, in my opinion, a great initiative which helped us, students, to connect with professional from all around the globe. Something worth mentioning is that Mr. Rahav wasnt always involved in our industry. I was amazed when he told us that he has a PHD in Nuclear Physics. After the Mentor for a Day program, I left with a wider view of  our profession and i was thankful for the experience I got. I recommend to every student member these programs and i would happily participate in similar activities in the future.''

Alexandros Senteris

''During Posidonia event I signed up for Mentor For a Day program with Mr. Harilaos Petrakakos. Me and my colleagues, under the guidance of our Mentor, had the chance to visit different booths and ask several questions about our field of interest. Therefore, Mr. Harilaos Petrakakos helped us  network with industry insiders and familiarize with what is current in naval industry. Furthermore, our Mentor himself shared his wide experience with us, imparted his knowledge, gave each one of us  professional advices and encouraged us to follow our dreams and identify our talents. Thanks to Mr. Harilaos Petrakakos and his supportiveness this experience made my visit to Posidonia meaningful and gave me a broader perspective for the future.''

Sotiria Lagouvardou