SMC Dress Recommendations

Wondering what to wear to the SNAME Maritime Convention? Here's a quick rundown of suggested attire! Keep in mind, some people decide to go business formal, all day, every day, but others lean toward a more casual style. Pick what makes YOU feel most confident and best fits your style.

  • Welcome Reception - business casual
  • Student Social - casual (but some stay business casual from earlier in the day)
  • Design Competition, Workshops, Round Tables - business casual
  • Job Fair - business formal; don't forget resumes and business cards!
  • Annual Banquet - business formal
For a little more description, when dressing for business casual many choose to wear polos and pins representing their university. This could also mean slacks or skirts, a wrinkle-free blouse or button-down shirt, and maybe a blazer if you want to up the look a little bit. Then there's business formal, which may entail a business suit (including a jacket and dress pants or skirt) with a collared button-up and tie or blouse. Think a clean, crisp, professional look.

Business Casual:
Business Formal:

Both photos courtesy of the Quarterdeck Society, University of Michigan