SNAME offers competitive scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students of naval architecture and marine engineering. Students with exceptional academic credentials are encouraged to apply.

The most up-to-date scholarship information can be found on SNAME Scholarships page. If you're interested in supporting scholarships, you can contribute to the SNAME General Scholarship Fund or to specific scholarships.

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Undergraduate Scholarships
Mandell%20and%20Lester%20Rosenblatt.jpgMandell and Lester Rosenblatt Undergraduate Scholarship & Robert N. Herbert Undergraduate Scholarship - for having a passion for naval architecture, marine, or ocean engineering, and displaying evidence of professionalism and involvement in SNAME. First awarded in 2007, the Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt Scholarship provides a maximum of $6,000 to an undergraduate scholar having a passion for naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, and displaying evidence of professionalism and involvement in SNAME.

Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt founded M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc. in 1947. Through the unending drive of its founders, the company grew to be one of the world's largest private naval architecture and marine engineering firms. The founders led the company in the design and development of all types of naval and commercial ships. The Rosenblatt's expertise extended from aircraft carriers and submarines to tankers, tugs and high performance craft. Many of the world's most innovative designs can be attributed to the company.

Robert%20Herbert.jpgIn 1963, Robert N, Herbert, Naval Architects opened for business. Bob Herbert started this venture with a clear vision of the type of work he wanted to do, and most importantly, how he wanted to do business. His keen sense for innovation, and his honest, straightforward manner helped build long term relationships with his clients. Herbert was also an innovative employer who realized the importance of providing employees with a stake in the company. The company was incorporated as Herbert Engineering Corp. in 1975, with all shares owned by employees who actively participate in the company's management.

Applicants will be considered for both The Rosenblatt and Herbert Scholarships. The deadline for application submission is June 1 with all supporting documents due by June 15. To apply, complete the Undergraduate Application and return with supporting documents to Sofia Iliogrammenou at

Graduate Scholarships
Since its inception in 1933, the SNAME Graduate Scholarship Program has awarded millions of dollars of scholarship awards to students in the naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and marine industry related fields. Applicants must not receive their Masters Degree prior to October 1 of the year in which they are applying for their scholarship. Generally, applicants are not expected to receive their Master's Degree prior to April 15 of the academic year in which graduate study is undertaken.

Multiple awards of up to $20,000 are made annually, designated as follows: 

  1. The Wilbur N. Landers Scholarship (contribute)
  2. The William M. Kennedy Scholarship (contribute)
  3. The Tommy L. Richards Scholarship (contribute)
  4. The Alan C. McClure Scholarship (contribute)
  5. The John V. Wehausen Scholarship (contribute)
  6. The David A. O'Neil Scholarship (contribute)
  7. The Arthur J. Haskell Scholarship (contribute)
  8. The Frederick H. Todd Scholarship (contribute)
  9. The Walter M. and Doris H. Maclean Scholarship (contribute)
  10. The Chester L. Long Scholarship (contribute)
Applicants use a single application to apply for all scholarships within the program. The deadline for application submission is February 1 with all supporting documents due by February 15. To apply for a SNAME Graduate Scholarship complete the Graduate Scholarship Application and submit to Sofia Iliogrammenou at