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Wondering what the SSC is? We are a standing committee of student representatives given the unique opportunity by SNAME to help guide the Society and make it responsive to its younger members. From undergraduate and graduate students to recent graduates, with representatives from around the globe, all are committed to active student involvement within SNAME. The committee is led by five elected student officers, an appointed officer, and the student chair from each Society Student Section. 

We are here to help and support the development of all student sections. On our website, you can find information related to running your student section smoothly in the Student Section Standards (SSS) Guide as well as resources you can share with your members such as employment opportunities, scholarships, and more. Also, for your assistance, we have published a Microsite Guide that you may find useful in building your section's microsite. 

You can contact us via email at students@sname.org
Also, feel free to reach out to our chair, Jack Bonoli (jbonoli@stevens.edu), or if you have microsite questions, you can email the current Electronic media chair Zachary (zezopeter2@gmail.com).

On behalf of the SSC,

Myrsini Papaioannou
Electronic Media Chair 2020

Say hello to the 2021 SSC!

Chair: Jack Bonoli

Vice Chair: Nicholas Stout
Secretary: Edward Angelinas
Communications Chair: Caroline MacLeod
Electronic Media Chair: Zachary peter
Resource Management Chair: Spencer Dugan

Immediate Past Chair: Emilio Domenech Estarellas


SSC 2022 board Candidates

Darya Stout

University of Michigan

1st year Graduate Student

Running for: Chair

Last year I served as Vice Chair in the 2021 Student Steering Committee.  In this position I was able to experience being a part of SSC for a year, preparing me to serve as Chair of the 2022 Student Steering Committee.  I will have plenty of time to dedicate to my role as I will not be taking classes in the Winter while I wait to hear back from the PhD program I have applied to.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve as Chair of SSC in 2022!

My name is Marios, I am 22 years old  and currently I am an Undergraduate Student at University of West Attica (UNIWA). I am the Chairperson of the UNIWA Student Section for 2nd year (2020-now) , and I was the the Vice Chair for 2019-2020. Due to this , I believe that I have  the right leadership experience to apply for this position and be the suitable candidate. I have a lot of passion and I believe that team work is the Key to achieve the Committee goals. I am willing to give my best to help the SSC strive for great things and also to do more things for Student members, so they can have even more benefits !!


Marios Chalaris

University of West Attica (UNIWA)

5th year Graduate Student

Running for: Vice Chair, Electronic Media Chair


Jose Gonsalves

The University of British Columbia

2nd Year Masters Student

Running for: Vice Chair

I am an international student from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago and received my bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace and Ocean engineering from Virginia Tech in 2016. I subsequently worked as a Naval Architect & Marine Engineer primarily serving the Gulf of Mexico offshore energy sector and the Great Lakes bulk-carrier sector, before starting my graduate studies in 2020. Presently, I’m a 2nd year M.A.Sc. student conducting research in the Computational Multiphysics Lab at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dr. Rajeev Jaiman. My research is focused on the development of efficient and scalable coupling algorithms for the high-fidelity simulation of fluid-structure-acoustic phenomenon with the goal of reducing underwater noise-pollution generated by ship-traffic. This work is part of the intelligent and green marine vessels (IGMVs) project here at UBC.

I believe that I am the correct candidate for this role mainly because of my extensive history with SNAME. I have been intimately involved with the society for almost a decade now, holding executive roles in the student, young-professional, and regional chapters. I have been an active member in the Chesapeake, Gulf, Great Lakes, and the Pacific Northwest chapters and have attended numerous SNAME sponsored or industry affiliated conferences (WMTC, SMC, OTC, Workboat Show, etc.). I am also an active contributor to several T&R panels within SNAME (HS-4, SD-5, M-16) and was the recipient of a graduate student scholarship (Chester L. Long Scholarship) from the society in 2020. Lastly, I possess a unique combination of experiences that allows me to empathize with the full spectrum of the community we are now called to serve. Namely, I got my undergraduate degree at a US institution, I worked as a NA&ME both inside and outside of the US, and I am now pursuing my Graduate degree at a non-US institution. This combination of relevant experiences and my shared affiliation with a breadth of our student population, I believe, sets my candidacy apart.

My name is Aspa Pacome Kokro, I am a PhD student in Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. I also completed my master’s degree in the same department during my Fulbright program from 2018 to 2020. I am passionate about Naval Architecture, and I aim to design an innovative solution for green technology vessels. Working at the Davidson Laboratory helped me to understand the principles of Naval Architecture and the fundamentals in ship building. Moreover, joining SNAME equipped me with an innovative mindset to make an impact in the maritime industry through technical meetings with the New York Metropolitan section and participation in many SNAME Maritime Conventions.

 I have received a lot from SNAME in the past years and I would like to contribute to the Student Steering Committee to help organizing student chapters, work with the executive committee of SNAME for a better student experience during the SMC, and empower more students with my experience and knowledge. I have been a student member for 3 years and I think I will be able to give some ideas to the SSC in order to increase students’ participation and improve overall students’ SNAME experience. There is so much to gain from SNAME, but most students are not aware of those opportunities. I believe with the SSC team, we will be able to accomplish this milestone.

 Aspa Pacome Kokro

Stevens Institute of Technology

PhD Student

Running for: Vice Chair


Kate Killian

Stevens Institute of Technology

3rd year Undergraduate Student

Running for: Vice Chair, Secretary, Communications

My name is Kate Killian and I am currently a junior studying Naval Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. I grew up on the Jersey shore, which fostered my passion for boats and the ocean, and my experiences at my STEM-focused high school further solidified my interest in naval architecture and marine engineering. I have been working at the Davidson Lab High Speed Towing Tank since my freshman year at Stevens and am now the student manager of all the student workers in the tank. This year I am excited to be serving as secretary for the Stevens SNAME student chapter. Through my leadership experiences and the work I have been involved in as secretary of the Stevens SNAME student chapter, I am confident in my ability to effectively communicate between administration, other executive board members, and student members. As secretary of our executive board, I have taken the lead on going through the SNAME membership list and making sure membership information is up to date and am currently working on increasing our membership numbers within our chapter. I have also been working on keeping communication between the members, executive board, and our advisors/administrators clear and constant.

I am currently a junior at Stevens Institute of Technology, majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Naval and a minor in Economics. I am a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a world-class competitor currently ranked in the top 15 in the country. My career goal is to work in the cruise shipping industry with hopes of designing the next class of sustainable cruise ships.

  I would be honored to be elected vice chair of the SSC. I have held leadership positions that have prepared me to take on this role. As Vice President of the Stevens Martial Arts Club, I have worked hand-in-hand with the President in accomplishing the various goals of the club. I have also taken on leadership of the club during the president’s absence. I believe that I would be uniquely suited for the Vice Chair of the SSC due to my strong organizational and communication skills. First, I would be pleased to serve as backup to the chair and execute any tasks that the chair would assign me. Second, as I am very detail oriented, I would ensure that all records are well kept, organized, updated, and easily accessible. Third, I believe I would contribute greatly to the design competition by suggesting new innovative prompts that would encourage greater student participation and creativity.


Kyra Kozar

Stevens Institute of Technology

3rd year Undergraduate Student

Running for: Vice Chair, Secretary, Communications


Emma Kurdyla

Stevens Institute of Technology

3rd year Undergraduate Student

Running for: Communications

My name is Emma Kurdyla, I am a junior at Stevens institute of technology and current Vice President of the Stevens sname chapter. I believe that I am an excellent candidate for communication chair. I have held many leadership positions in the past and am currently sisterhood chair of my sorority. It may sound irrelevant but some of my responsibilities for this position include gathering information about the accomplishments and events run by sisters for each week, and to then organize that information into a neat message and send it out to the chapter. This position also requires me to work with the social media chair to create relevant posts and distribute information about future events. It is very similar to writing the newsletter and working with the electronic media chair to maintain updates on the website.


Congratulations to this year's Electronic Media Competition winners! 

Check out their microsites by clicking on the hyperlinks above and be inspired!

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SNAME- Presentation for students

Dear Students, 

From the link below you can download a presentation about SNAME and the benefits of the student membership. You shall use it as an introductory presentation to new students or as a framework for creating presentations about your student section.  


SMC 2018 Student Program Wrap Up

We hope all students who attended SNAME Maritime Convention 2018 in Providence, RI, had a wonderful and productive time! From the Student Design Competition to the Career Fair, and the Roundtables to the Student Social, your 2018 SSC board sincerely enjoyed planning these events for you. We were thrilled to see the connections you made with fellow students and industry professionals and hope to see you in Tacoma, WA, in 2019 for the next SMC!

We'd like to introduce your newly elected 2019 SSC board. We look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the coming year! 
Chair: Nat Gadelrab
Vice Chair: Omotayo Oladele
Secretary: Emilio Domenech Estarellas
Communications Chair: Cooper Mitchell
Electronic Media Chair: Pavlos Karagiannidis

At SMC, we also announced the winners of this year's Electronic Media Competition for the student sections with outstanding websites. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you for sharing your story!
1st place: NTUA Greek Section
2nd place: Virginia Tech
3rd place: Florida Tech
Best content creation: University of Strathclyde

Also congratulations to all those who won scholarships, the Lisnyk Design Competition, and other well-deserved awards and honors.

Much love from your 2018 SSC board!
James, Theodore, Jillian, Nat, Teri, & Elettra

Posted 15 November 2018

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