99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 310
Alexandria, VA  22314
Telephone +1-703-997-6701
Fax +1-703-997-6702

SNAME Europe Office
c/o ELKCO Marine Consultants
61, Poseidonos Avenue
Paleo Faliro, 175 62
Attica, Greece

Telephone: +30 210 452 8205
Fax: +30 210 452 8202

Erik W. Seither, Executive Director
Phone: 703-997-6703


  • Manages the staff at all Headquarters locations and all business functions of the Society
  • Officer, corporate secretary, of SNAME
  • Non-voting member of Council and Executive Committee
  • Reports to our governing bodies, including the Headquarters Review Committee under direction of the SNAME president
  • Supports the Awards, Symposia, Development, Sections, Education, T&R, Membership, Planning & Public Policy, OTC Board, Professional Engineering, Scholarships, Investments, Finance and Audit committees
  • Interacts with other international professional organizations of our NA & ME industries
  • Represents the SNAME at conferences, symposia, trade shows and various other functions
Matthew Mantione, CAE
Senior Director
Phone: 703-997-6707


  • Ensuring membership benefit is a part of everything we do
  • Membership Strategy
  • Recruitment and Retention Programs
  • Membership Services
  • Supports the Executive Director in strategic initiatives

Jodi Lane, Executive Administrator
Phone: 703-997-6704


  • Provide confidential support to the offsite volunteer President and President-elect.
  • Provide confidential day to day support to the Executive Director.
  • Communicate on behalf of the President, President-elect, and Executive Director.
  • Answer member questions about our various programs, awards, and scholarships.
  • Organize and produce the agendas, official minutes, and action items for our Council and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Collect, coordinate, compile and post reports for these meetings.
  • Manage specific elements of our Annual Meeting and special events.
  • Provide support to several Committees, including the Nomination (President) and Awards Committees.
  • Manage our Awards process in conjunction with the Awards Committee, including production of awards.
  • Manage our formal records, electronic in our web environment and print.
  • Organize and manage balloting for member elections and voting on initiatives.
  • Manage support staff scheduling to ensure office, telephone,and member support coverage.

Sofia Iliogrammenou, Director of Regional Member Services

Phone: 0030 210 4528205


  • Recruits and retains membership in the region of Europe and Middle East
  • Supports section leadership and members in a professional and timely manner in the region
  • Identifies opportunities and addresses challenges in the region
  • Point of contact in Europe and Middle East
  • Supports SNAME events and plans SNAME participation in international events in the region
  • Coordinates the Technical Program of SNAME Maritime Convention 
  • Staff liaison to the Scholarships Committee
  • Point of contact outside of SNAME Headquarters working hours

Carole Herzog, Membership Coordinator
Phone: 703-997-6708


  • Guide applicants and members through the joining, renewal, and upgrading membership processes.
  • Proactively provide professional, responsive, and courteous support to our members.
  • Provide membership support and liaison to our field office(s).
  • Maintain the integrity of our membership database.
  • Respond to committee requests for information about our membership makeup.
  • Analyze member data as required.
  • Assist in maintaining membership areas of our website.
  • Liaise with membership personnel in partner societies as needed.
  • Provide input that will improve membership services activities and member experience.
  • Staff Liaison to Fellows Committee

Max Marcucci, Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 703-997-6711

Lia Vang, Director of Finance
Phone: 703-997-6713

  • Supervises the financial and accounting operations of SNAME
  • Initiates and sets up the annual Operating Budget including its periodic variance reporting – actual vs. budget
  • Ascertains compliance with generally accepted accounting standards and existing government regulatory agencies
  • Prepares the financial management reporting requirements of SNAME management and affiliated companies
  • Coordinates the annual audit of the books and records of SNAME and its affiliate
  • Performs other tasks that may be required by the Executive Director and/or the Executive Committee
Michael Burgess, Accountant
Phone: 703-997-6714



  • Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of society’s vision, specifically, improve management reporting, information flow and financial management business processes.
  • Prepare, record, and process accounts payable and cash disbursements.
  • Prepare, record, and process accounts receivable and cash receipts.
  • Perform monthly bank reconciliations.
  • Analyze transactions and develop responses to questions received related to financial transactions.
  • Proactively seek out resolutions to potential audit findings.
  • Develop procedures and updates to support activity related to job functions.
  • Prepare schedules and analysis for the annual audit.
  • Working with appropriate staff, propose internal controls and quality checks; ensure controls are in compliance with the society’s policies and procedures.
  • Contribute to the preparation, maintenance and revision of the accounting manual includes assistance with drafting policies and procedures, and providing training and education to staff on various accounting related issues.    

Alan Rowen, PE CE Course Evaluator and Coordinator
Phone: 201-499-5062

  • Evaluator for papers, presentations, and courses submitted for PE Continuing Education accreditation.
  • Selects books for review and assigns reviewers
Alex Landsburg, Technical & Research Program Coordinator
Phone: 703-997-6715



  • Oversees T&R Program policies, procedures, and budgets
  • Primary contact for submitting T&R proposals, T&R project reports, and T&R funding requests
  • Liaison with Section T&R Representatives
  • Provides technical and professional support for headquarters staff and at the Annual Meeting