WMTC 2015 Sample Content

WMTC - SMC 2015 Sample Content

Below are samples of content from the 2015 World Maritime Technology Conference & SNAME Maritime Convention.

We also have sample content from the 2012 Annual Meeting available here.

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184 Development of A Collaborative Robot COBOT for Increased Welding Productivity and Quality

071 On the Hydromechanics of Vessels and the Creation of Debris Fields During Sinking Events

016 Two part Modelling Approach for Ship Engine Simulations 

301 SNAME Software Project 114

278 Adhesives in Shipbuilding

231 Computational Techniques in Naval Architecture for Rapid Methods in Ship Preliminary Design

109 Design Considerations for Operation of Coast Guard Cutters and Combatants in the Arctic

126 Lessons from EMMA MAERSK Flooding of Feb 2013

283 The Design, Building and Testing of an Autonomous Sailboat  

308 Effectiveness of Oil Water Separators and Shipboard Waste Management