The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers works with industry, government, and academia to “ensure that engineers in the marine industry have access to adequate programs of continuing education.” This is accomplished through the Society’s work with the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET) to ensure that the academic programs of colleges and universities, which are related to the various marine disciplines, are kept current, relevant and prepare graduates for entry into practice in the field.

SNAME also qualifies continuing education credits for various SNAME activities at the annual and local meetings by reviewing papers and presentations, short course content, etc. Additionally P.E. licensure Committee has created and administers the PERC (Professional Engineering Review Course) to prepare professionals for the exam.

SNAME oversees and provides a large scholarship endowment and seeks to actively support the new NEEC initiative by providing Subject Matter Experts for Mentoring and by establishing appropriate Certification practices. NEEC is a joint effort with ASNE.

  Education Committee Chair, William Hurley, Jr.