Professional Engineer (PE) Review Course - SNAME Member Only Feature

Professional Engineer (PE) licensure is required to offer engineering services to the public throughout the United States. The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) supports licensure by developing and making available license examinations.  SNAME encourages and supports licensure.  

In an effort to support those naval architects, marine and ocean engineers who are preparing to take the Professional Engineer Principles and Practice Examination in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, the Society has developed this Distance Learning course that provides a review of the 4 Subject Areas with 21 sub-groups included in the NAME Examination Specification. The Subject Area subject matter has been structured into 11 distinct Subject Units. 

The course is given by 10 instructors during the period from January through March, with a sample examination. This leaves two to three weeks for the students to complete their preparations before the April examination date. Early registration is also available for those who wish to start early so as to extend their study time.

PERC is only available to members.

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PE Exam Information
PE Licensure Introduction
PE Licensure Exam Specifications
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