Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt Undergraduate Scholarships

Barr Turner

Barr Turner grew up in coastal New Jersey. A lifelong love of the ocean combined with the opportunity to attend a specialized engineering magnet high school inspired him to pursue a career in ship design. After interning at Martin Ottaway during his senior year of high school, Barr was accepted to Webb Institute, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

During his time at Webb, Barr has been highly involved with student government. He currently serves as president of the Student Organization. He has also had the opportunity to participate in SNAME, at both the school and national level. He currently serves as Webb’s SNAME section chair, and as the Resource Management Chair for the Student Steering Committee. Upon graduation in 2017, Barr hopes to pursue a career in ship design, either internationally or on the West Coast.






George Rossopoulos

George Rossopoulos is now entering his fourth year of studies at the department of naval architecture and marine engineering in National Technical University of Athens. He has been an active member in SNAME NTUA since 2012 and was elected as chairman of SNAME NTUA student section for 2014-2015. Currently he is serving as Electronic Media chair of the Student Steering Committee of SNAME.  Apart from his passion for Marine Engineering he is also interested in Youth entrepreneurship, innovation and Digital evolution.  After participating and winning with his team in the program "Student Mini-Company of 2011" organized by Junior Achievement (JA-YE) in Greece he was actively involved in the foundation and running of the JA Alumni Greece network. In 2013, he participated as an ambassador of Get Busy.gr, one of Microsoft's YouthSpark activities to the "Get_Online_Week" in 2014 he was a speaker at the e-Skills conference, which was the main and final event of the European "Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs" campaign in Athens. Last but not least he got the chance to participate in the Leaders for a Day 2013 program of JA Europe and spend a day in Microsoft's Headquarters in Brussels shadowing Mrs. Afke Schaart, Senior Director for EU Institutional Relations in Microsoft and Sylvie Laffarge, Director of EU Institutional Relations & Citizenship in Microsoft.

Robert N. Herbert Undergraduate Scholarships


Oleksiy Serdyuk 

A senior at University of British Columbia, Oleksiy Serdyuk is currently studying Mechanical Engineering with course concentration in thermofluids and naval architecture.As a part of his graduation project, Oleksiy is going to do a concept design of an oil spill response vessel, which should be a great experience and another step toward a naval architecture career.

Recently, Oleksiy completed an 8 month internship at Robert Allan Ltd. as a Trainee Naval Architect/Engineer. There, he enjoyed the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals about the design process and industry standards.

As his section’s chair, Oleksiy hopes to give back and promote naval architecture and marine engineering to other fellow students at his university. After he graduates, Oleksiy plans to work and gain more exposure and experience in the marine field.





Robert Emmitt

 A student majoring in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan, Rob Emmitt is set to graduate in May of 2016. Last year, Rob was the Business Manager of Human Powered Submarine Team for a competition in Gosport, England. He currently serves as the Student Chair of his universities SNAME section. 

Rob interned the past two summers with reputable employers in the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering field. In 2014, Rob interned with Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates as a Junior Naval Architect and in 2015 he worked in the structural department of Exmar Offshore Company. He considers both of these internships incredibly influential in his development as an Engineer. He also recognizes the role that SNAME plays in his professional advancement.

At the University of Michigan, Rob has been a part of a research team working in the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory on Central Campus. The team is investigating the effects of prescribed surface roughness and on boundary layer development.

After graduation in May, Rob plans to intern again before beginning his studies for a Master’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.