Elmer L. Hann Award

Best Paper on Ship Production Delivered at the Ship Production Symposium

Established by the Executive Committee in 1991

The award will be presented to the author (s) of the "best paper on ship production delivered at the Ship Production Symposium." The title of the award to be "Elmer L. Hann Award." The award consists of a certificate similar to the Spring Meeting Paper Award. Eligibility for the award need not to be limited to membership in SNAME. In case of co-authors, each receives an award. The proposal for the "Elmer L. Hann Award" shall be made by the Journal of Ship Production Committee. The name of the nominee shall be submitted to the Awards Committee no later than June 1. The Awards Committee shall consider the nominee requiring a two-thirds vote for approval. The award will be presented at the next Ship Production Symposium or such other time as the President may arrange. The award may be made annually.