10th CSYS

10th CSYS

The Tenth CSYS - February, 1991

Gyradius Measurements of Olympic Class Dinghies and Keel Boats - Hinrichsen, Prof. Peter F.

Structural Design and Construction of America's Cup Class Yachts - Reichard, Prof. Ronnal P.

The Delft Systematic Yacht Hull (Series II) Experiments - Gerritsma, Prof. ir. J., Keuning, Ir. J., and Onnink, A. R.

A New Technique for Testing a Sailing Yacht in Waves - Kapsenberg, G. K.

Magic III - An Old Man's Day Sailer -. Miller, Capt. Richards T. and Whitacre, Harold M., III

A Numerical Approach to the Design of Sailing Yacht Masts - Boote, Dario and Caponetto, Mario

Model Test Techniques Developed to Investigate the Wind Heeling Characteristics of Sailing Vessels and Their Response to Gusts - Deakin, Barry

Sailboat Performance in a Current - Nolan, James P.

Sailboat Hydrodynamic Drag Source Prediction and Performance Assessment - Boppe, Charles W.

The Effect of Pitch Gyradius on Added Resistance ofYacht Hulls - Moran, James F.