11th CSYS

11th CSYS

The Eleventh CSYS - January, 1993

Applications of Relational Geometric Synthesis in Sailing Yacht Design - Letcher, John S., Jr. and Shook, D. Michael

Refinements in the Techniques of Tank Testing Sailing Yachts and the Processing of Test Data -  Teeters,   James R.

SPLASH Free-Surface Flow Code Methodology for Hydrodynamic Design and Analysis of IACC Yachts - Rosen, Bruce S., Laiosa, Joseph P., Davis, Warren H., and Stavetski, David

IACC Appendage Studies - Tinoco, E. N., Gentry, A. E.,Bogataj, P., Sevigny, E. G., and Chance, B.

Modeling IACC Sail Forces by Combining Measurements with CFD - Milgram, Jerome H., Peters, Donald B., and Eckhouse, D. Noah

Towards a Rational Upwind Sail Force Model for VPPs - Euerle, Steven E. and Greeley, David S.

Numerical Approach to Aeroelastic Responses of Three-Dimensional Flexible Sails -. Fukasawa, Toichi and Katori, Masanobu

A Review on I1 Moro di Venezia Design - Caponnetto, Mario

The Nippon Challenge America's Cup 1992- Progress in Hull Development - Nagami, Yoshihiro.

How to Go Cruising - Hays, James O. and Hays, Anne M.

Notes on Sailing Ship History: Academy Versus Shipyard - Stephens, Olin J., II

The A-Class Catamaran: Development of Serious Fun - Beadling, Robert G. and Beadling, Walter H.

Dynamic Performance of Sailing Cruiser by Full-Scale Sea Tests - Masuyama, Yutaka, Nakamura, Ichiro, Tatano, Hisayoshi, and Takagi, Ken

Hazards and Challenges of Cruising the Northeast Coast of North America - Jordan, Edwin C. and Jordan, Mary K.

The Partnership for America's Cup Technology: An Overview - Gretzky, James A. and Marshall, John K.

Stars and Stripes Design Program for the 1992 America's Cup - Todter, Chris, Pedrick, David, Calderon, Alberto, Nelson, Bruce, Debord, Frank, and Dillon, Dave

Elements of Resistance of IACC Yachts - Milgram, Jerome H. and Frimm, Fernando C.

Sailing Yacht Performance in Calm Water and in Waves - Gerritsma, Prof. ir J., Keuning, Ir. J. A., and Versluis, A.

Seakeeping and Added Resistance of IACC Yachts by a Three-Dimensional Panel Method - Sclavounos, P. D. and Nakos, D. E.

The Effects of Flare and Overhangs on the Motions of a Yacht in Head Seas - Kuhn, John C. and Schlageter, Eric C.

Analysis of Lift and Drag on a Surface-Piercing Foil - Kuhn, John C. and Scragg, Carl A.

Performance Prediction Software for IACC Yachts - Schlageter, Eric C. and Teeters, James R.