19th CSYS

19th CSYS

The Nineteenth CSYS – March 2009

CFD and VPP Challenges in the Design of the New AC90 Americas Cup Yacht - Kai Graf, Christoph Boehm and Hannes Renzsch

A New Method for the Prediction of the Side Force on Keel and Rudder of a Sailing Yacht Based on the Results of the Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series - J. A. Keuning and B. Verwerft

CFD-Based Hydrodynamic Analysis of High Performance Racing Yachts - Len Imas, Bryan Baker, Britton Ward and Gregory Buley

On the Choice of CFD Codes in the Design Process of Planing Sailing Yachts - Jérémie Raymond, Jean-Marie Finot, Jean-Michel Kobus, Gérard Delhommeau, Patrick Queutey and Aurélien Drouet

Systematic Series of the IACC yacht ”Il Moro di Venezia”: Heel and Yaw Analysis - D. Peri, F. DiCi ́o,and M. Roccaldo

Yacht Design Software 2.0: The Open Source Movement - Mathew Bird, William F. Cook, George S. Hazen and Britton Ward

Upwind Sail Performance Prediction for a VPP Including “Flying Shape” Analysis - Brian Maskew and Frank DeBord

Photogrammetric Investigation of the Flying Shape of Spinnakers in a Twisted Flow Wind Tunne - Kai Graf and Olaf Müller

Sails Aerodynamic Behavior in Dynamic Conditions - Fabio Fossati and Sara Muggiasca

Assessing the Wind-Heel Angle Relationship of Traditionally-Rigged Sailing Vessels - William C. Lasher, Diana R. Tinlin, Bruce Johnson , John Womack, Jan C. Miles, Walter Rybka and Wes Heerssen

Development and Initial Review of the Mark II Navy 44 Sail Training Craft - Paul Miller, David Pedrick and Gram Schweikert

Tacking in the Wind Tunnel - Frederik C. Gerhardt, David Le Pelley, Richard G. J. Flay and Peter Richards

Full Scale Measurements on a Hydrofoil International Moth - Bill Beaver and John Zseleczky

Alpha and Rocker - Two Design Approaches that led to the Successful Challenge for the 2007 International C-Class Catamaran Championship - Steve Killing