18th CSYS

18th CSYS

The Eighteenth CSYS – March 2007

A Combined Ship Science-Behavioural Science Approach To Create a Winning Yacht-Sailor Combination. Matteo Scarponi - R Ajit Shenoi, Stephen R Turnock, and Paolo Conti

Database of Sail Shapes vs. Sail Performance and Validation of Numerical Calculation for Upwind Condition - Yutaka Masuyama, Yusuke Tahara, Toichi Fukasawa, and Naotoshi Maeda

Enhanced Wind Tunnel and Full-Scale Sail Force Comparison - Heikki Hansen, Peter J. Richards, and Peter S. Jackson

Further Analysis of the Forces on Keel and Rudder of a Sailing Yacht - J. A. Keuning, M. Katgert, and K. J. Vermeulen

RANSE Calculation of Laminar-to-Turbulent Transition-Flow around Sailing Yacht Appendages - Christoph Böhm and Kai Graf

Performance Prediction without Empiricism: A RANS-Based VPP and Design Optimization Capability - Richard Korpus

A Tool for Time Dependent Performance Prediction and Optimization of Sailing Yachts - D. Battistin and M. Ledri

Hydrodynamic advice of Sailing Yachts through Seakeeping Study - Guilhem Gaillarde, Erik-Jan deRidder, Frans van Walree and Jos Koning

Slamming of Composite Yacht Hull Panels - Susan Lake, Michael Eaglen, Brian Jones, and Mark Battley

ARPRO®: A New Structural Core Material for the Yacht Industry - Corrado Labriola and Vito Tagarielli

PCLINES, A Parametric Lines Development Program for the Home Computer - David E. Martin

"That Peculiar Property:" Model Yachting and the Analysis of Balance in Sailing Hulls - Earl Boebert

SNAME’s Stability Letter Improvement Project (SLIP) for Passenger Sailing Vessels - Jan C. Miles, Bruce Johnson, John Womack, and Iver Franzen

An Aerodynamic Analysis of the U.S. Brig Niagara - William C. Lasher, Terrence D. Musho and Kent C. McKee and Walter Rybka,

Analysis of Wave Making Resistance And Optimization of Canting Keel Bulbs – Karsten Hochkirch and Claudio Fassardi

Added Resistance in Seaways and its Impact on Yacht Performance - Kai Graf, Marcus Pelz, Volker Bertram, and H. Söding

Dynamic Lift Coefficients for Spade Rudders on Yachts - Paul H. Miller