9th CSYS

9th CSYS

The Ninth CSYS - March, 1989

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sailing Yachts - Some Aspects of Structural Design - Curry; Robert

Guides to the Approximation of Sailing Yacht Performance - Stephens, Olin J.

Scientific Sail Shape Design - Greeley, David S., Kirkman, Karl L., Drew, Alan L., and Cross-Whiter, John

The Design and Construction of the Second Pride of Baltimore - Gillmer, Thomas C.

The Planning, Design and Construction of the 44-footOffshore Training Craft for the U.S. Naval Academy - McCurdy, Ian and Bonds, John

The Effect of Counter Length on Hull Resistance - Claughton, Andrew R.

Performance Prediction Method for Multihull Yachts - Oliver, Clay