15th CSYS

15th CSYS

The Fifteenth CSYS - January 2001

The Re-Righting of Sailing Yachts in Waves- A Comparison of Different Hull Forms - Martin Renilson, Jonathan R. Binns and Andrew Tuite

An Improved Upwind Sail Model For VPP's - PeterJackson

On-the-water Measurement of Laminar to Turbulent Boundary Layer Transition on Sailboat Appendages - E.A. Lurie

International America's Cup Class Yacht Design Using Viscous Flow CFD - Paul Jones and Rich Korpus

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Sailing Yachts - StefanHarries, Claus Abt and Karsten Hochkirch

The Effect of Bow Steepness and Flare on the Resistance of Sailing Yachts in Calm Water and Waves - J.A. Keuning, R. Onnink and A. Damman

A Time-Domain Simulation for Predicting the Downwind Performance of Yachts in Waves – Dougal Harris, Giles Thomas and Martin Renilson

An Experimental Investigation of Slamming on Ocean Racing Yachts - Paolo Manganelli and Philip A. Wilson

Optimising Yacht Routes Under Uncertainty - Andy Philpott and Andrew Mason

PCSAIL, A Velocity Prediction Program for a Home Computer - David E. Martin and Robert F. Beck

Schooner Brilliant Sail Coefficients and Speed Polars - Howard Grant, Walter Stubner, Walter Alwang, Charles Henry, John Baird and Paul Spens

Sailing Performance of "Naniwa-maru" - A Full Scale Reconstruction of a Sailing Trader of Japanese Heritage - Kensaku Nomoto, Yutaka Masuyama and Akira Sakurai

The Basiliscus Project - Return of the Cruising Hydrofoil Sailboat - Thomas E. Speer

Model Tests to Study Capsize and Stability of Sailing Multihulls - Barry Deakin

Aerodynamic Performance of Offwind Sails Attached to Sprits - Robert Ranzenbach and Jim Teeters