2nd CSYS

2nd CSYS

The Second CSYS - January, 1975

Theory Of Sailing Applied to Ocean Racing Yachts - Myers, Hugo A.

America's Cup 1974 - An Overview- Organizing to Win - du Moulin, Richard T.

America's Cup 1974- An Overview- Design and Construction- The First Race - Pedrick, David R.

A Cruising Boat - Curtze, Charles A., RADM.

Vane Self-Steerers for Cruising Yachts - Ratcliffe, Gererd

Extended Cruising - An Overview - Court, Kenneth E.

Seakeeping and the Sailing Yachtsman - Compton, Roger, Johnson, Bruce, and Van Duyne, Carl

Yacht Keels - An Experimental Study - DeSaix, Pierre

Kevlar 49 Aramid, A New Material for Boat Hull Construction - Miner, Louis H., Wolffe, Robert A., and Woodrick, James V.

Flotation for Ballasted Sailing Yachts? - Wilson, Vance O. and Reuter, Wolfgang

America's Cup 1974 - An Overview- Racing for the Cup - Herreshoff, Halsey Chase