16th CSYS

16th CSYS

The Sixteenth CSYS – March 2003

The Yaw Balance of Sailing Yachts Upright and Heeled - J. A. Keuning and K. J. Vermeulen

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Downwind Sails - Horst J. Richter, Kevin C. Horrigan and J.B. Braun

Downwind Load Model for Rigs of modern Sailing Yachts for Use in FEA - Guenter Grabe

Analysis of Hull Shape Effects on Hydrodynamic Drag in Offshore Handicap Racing Rules - Jim Teeters, Rob Pallard and Caroline Muselet

Changes to Sail Aerodynamics in the IMS Rule Jim Teeters - Robert Ranzenbach and Martyn Prince

On the Use of CFD to Assist with Sail Design - Andrea Schneider, Andrea Arnone, Marco Savelli, Andrea Ballico and Paolo Scutellaro

Numerical Simulation using RANS-based Tools for America’s Cup Design - Geoff Cowles, Nicola Parolini and Mark L. Sawley

Sailing Yacht Design for Maximum Speed. Bob Dill Composite Sail Batten Design - Audrey Sery and Jean Paul Charles

Analysis of 2D Coupled Sails: Use of an Optimization Technique Based on Turbulent Viscous Flows – Giovanni Lombardi, Francois Beux and Mattia de. Michieli Vitturi

Experimental Study of a Directionally Stable Sailing Vehicle with a Free-Raking Rig and a Self-Trimming Sail - Akira Sakurai, Takeshi Nakamura and Yuya Nakamoto

Student Research Projects for the New Navy 44 Sail Training Craft - Paul H. Miller and NAOE Naval

Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department Experimental Force Coefficients for a Parametric Series of Spinnakers - William C. Lasher, James R. Sonnenmeier, David R. Forsman, Cheng Zhang and Kenton White

The Rise of the Hydrofoil and the Displacement of the Hull: The Design, Construction and Performance Measurement of a 6m Flying Catamaran – Edward Chapman and George Chapman

Numerical Simulation of Maneuvering of "Naniwamaru," A Full-scale Reconstruction of Sailing Trader of Japanese Heritage - Yutaka Masuyama, Kensaku Nomoto and Akira Sakurai