12th CSYS

12th CSYS

The Twelfth CSYS - January, 1995

Scoring IMS Regattas - An Empirical Study of Alternative Methods - Cane, John W.

Drawing with Performance Prediction - Schwenn, Peter and Hazen, George

Design Criteria for Composite Masts - Miller, Paul

The Development of the B&R Rig, Structural Space Frame and Tripod Support System with Integrated Boom - Bergstrom, Lars and Ridder, Sven O.

The Alexandria Class Dinghy - A Design For Change - Hunley, William H.

Design, Construction, and Performance of a 27' MORC Boat - Jones, Brian A.

Imagine- an Open Class 60 BOC Racer- Design and Program Management- Lessons Learned - Court, Kenneth E. and Kaufman, F. Michael III and Whitacre, Harold M III

The Design of Yacht Sailplans for Maximal Upwind Speed - Day, Dr. Sandy

Tacking Simulation of Sailing Yachts – Numerical Integration of Equations of Motion and Application of Neural Network Technique - Masayuma, Yutaka, Fukasawa, Toichi and Sasagawa, Hiroshi

Wing - Body Interaction on a Sailing Yacht - Keuning, Prof. ir. J. A. and Kapsenberg, Ir. G. K.

Improvement of Sailing Yacht Performance Prediction by Including Force-Moment Equilibrium for the Calculation of Helm Angle in a Velocity Prediction Program - van Oossanen, Dr. Peter

YACHT97: A Fully Viscous Nonlinear Free-Surface Analysis Tool for IACC Yacht Design - Farmer, J. and Martinelli, L. and Jameson A.