14th CSYS

14th CSYS

The Fourteenth CSYS- January 1999

Developments in the IMS VPP Formulations – Andrew Claughton

Experimental Technique for the Determination of Forces Acting on Sailboat Rigging - F. Fossati, G.Moschini, and D. Vitalone

Fullscale Hydrodynamic Force Measurement on the Berlin Sailing Dynamometer - Karsten Hochkirch and Hartmut Brandt

USS Constitution Preparations for Sail 2000 – Howard Chatterton

In Search of Power, Pace and Windward Performance In Square Rigged Sailing Ships - Philip Goode

The Windward Performance of Yachts in Rough Water - Jonathan Binns, Bruce McRae, and Giles Thomas

A 1997-1998 Whitbread Sail Program – Lessons Learned. Robert C. Ranzenbach, Per Andersson and David Flynn

Sailing Yacht Design Using Advanced Numerical Flow Techniques - Caponnetto et al

Parametric Design and Optimization of Sailing Yachts - Stefan Harries and Claus Abt

An Investigation of the Structural Dynamics of a Racing Yacht - Frederic Louarn and Pandeli Temarel

Use of CFD Techniques in the Preliminary Design of Upwind Sails - Patrick Couser and Norm Deane

On the Application of RANS Simulation for Downwind Sail Aerodynamics - William Lasher

Wind Tunnel Testing of Offwind Sails - RobertRanzenbach and Chris Mairs

Approximation of the Calm Water Resistance on a Sailing Yacht based on the "Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series" - J.A. Keuning and U.B. Sonnenberg