4th CSYS

4th CSYS

The Fourth CSYS - January, 1979

Evolution of Offshore Ratings - To the Limit - Pedrick, David R.

A Summary of the H. Irving Pratt Ocean Race Handicapping Project - Kerwin, Justin E., Newman, J. N.

The Measurement Handicapping System of USRYU - Strohmeier, Daniel D.

Selecting a Keel Appendage for a Cruising Yacht - Berman, Deborah W.

Yacht Structural Design for Light Scantlings - Herreshoff, Halsey C.

Theoretical Estimation of the Influence of Some Main Design Factors on the Performance of International Twelve Meter Class Yachts - van Oossanen, Peter

Photographic Essay: Ship Training on the Gazella Primeiro - Roewe, George J., Jr.

A Microcomputer Beats to Windward - Clauser,  Milton U.

A Computer-Based Method for Analyzing the Flow Over Sails - Thrasher, D.F., Mook, D.T., and        Nayfeh, A.H.

The Evolving Role of the Towing Tank -  Kirkman, Karl L.