13th CSYS

13th CSYS

The Thirteenth CSYS - January, 1997

On Test Measurements in Full Scale Sailing Test Programs. Howard P. Grant and Olin J. Stephens

Full Scale Measurement of Sail Force and the Validation of Numerical Calculation Method - Yutaka Masuyama, and Toichi Fukasawa

An Investigation of Full Scale Forces Produced by a Sail - Nathan Bossett and Ian Mutnick

Optimisation of a Sailing Rig using Wind Tunnel Data - IMC Campbell

Model Tests in Support of the Design of a 50 Meter Barque. Barry Deakin

The Restoration of AVEL - Clark Poston

BATOPERF, A Performance Prediction Software and Its Influence on Modern Yacht Design - Sylvain Fargeas and Juan Kouyoumdjian

Development of Proposed ISO 12217 Single Stability Index for Mono-Hull Sailing Craft - Dr. Peter vanOossanen

The Cogito Project: Design and Development of an International C-Class Catamaran and Her Successful Challenge to Regain the Little America's Cup - Duncan T. MacLane

The Institute for Marine Dynamics Model Yacht Dynamometer - B. L. Parsons and R. Pallard

Model Tests of the PACT Base America's Cup Hull in Following Seas, Jesse Falsone

Appendage Resistance of a Sailing Yacht Hull - J. A. Keuning and B-J. Binkhorst

Hull - Appendage Interaction of a Sailing Yacht, Investigated with Wave Cut Techniques - Jonathan R. B inns, Kim Klaka and Andrew Dovell

SPLASH Nonlinear and Unsteady Free-Surface Analysis Code for Grand Prix Yacht Design - Bruce S. Rosen and Joseph P. Laiosa

The Effect of Pitch Moment of Inertia in Body Axes on the Performance of a Yacht in Waves - C.J. Sutcliffe and A. Millward

Experimental Determination of Sail Performance and Blockage Corrections - Dr. Robert Ranzenbach and Chris Mairs