1st CSYS

1st CSYS

The First CSYS- January, 1974

On the Handicapping of Distance Racing Yachts – A Proposal for IOR IV - Fisher, Bennett

Handicapping Rules and Performance of Sailing Yachts - Letcher, John S., Jr.

Analysis of Chesapeake Bay Racing Results 1972 and 1973 Seasons - Peach, Robert W.

Yacht Rating - Strohmeier, Daniel D.

Measurement Parameters of the I.O.R. Rule - Stephens, Olin J., II

Booms Are Obsolete - MacLear, Frank R.

A Breakthrough - Slotted Headsail Luff Support Systems - MacKenzie, Alan

Some Observed Effects of Foil Control on Hydrofoil Sailing Vehicle Performance - Bradfield, W. S.

Scale Experiments with the 5.5 Metre Yacht Antiope - Kirkman, Karl L.

The Performance of Sailing Yachts in Oblique Seas  Pedrick, David R.

Directional Stability and Control of Sailing Yachts - Scott, Walter H., Jr.

Aerodynamics of High Performance Wing Sails - Scherer, Otto