21st CSYS

21st CSYS

Investigation Of Scale Effects In Sailing Yacht Performance Prediction By Numerical And Experimental Methods, Mustafa Insel And Ziya Saydam

Least Squares Estimation of Sailing Yacht Dynamics from Full-Scale Sailing Data, Katrina Legursky

Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series Presentation, Lex Keuning

Keelboat Yaw Gyradius Measurement, Peter Hinrichsen

A New Real-time Method for Sailboat Performance estimation based on Leeway Modeling, Ronan Douguet, Jean-Philippe Diguet, Johann Laurent, Yann Riou

Mainsail Planform Optimization For IRC 52 Using Fluid Structure Interaction, Robert Ranzenbach, Dave Armitage and Adolfo Carrau

An Experimental Validation Case For Fluid-Structure-Interaction Simulations Of Downwind Sails, H. Renzsch, K. Graf

A Refinement of the Method Used to Determine the Balance of a Sailing Vessel During the Design Phase, with Application to Sail Design and Subsequent Sail Selection and Sailing Operations, Capt. Iver Franzen

Uncertainties In The Wind-Heel Analysis For Traditional Sailing Vessels: The Challenges It Presents For Forensic Analysis Of Sailing Vessel Incidents, Bruce Johnson, William Lasher, Matt Erdman, and Jan Miles

The Evolution of Design: SALTS New Sail Training Schooner Project, Stephen Duff, Fabio Fossati, Andy Claughton, Will Krzymowski, Tony Anderson

On The Hydrodynamics Of A Skiff At Different Crew Positions, Ignazio Maria Viola And Joshua Enlander

A Measurement System for Performance Monitoring on Small Sailing Dinghies, Christoph Boehm, Robert Brehm, Janek Meyer,?Lars Duggen, Kai Graf

A Wind Tunnel Study Of The Interaction Between Two Sailing Yachts, P.J. Richards, D.J. Le Pelley, D. Jowett, J. Little, O. Detlefsen

The Development of the New Volvo Class, Britton Ward, Chris Cochran and Farr Yacht Design, Ltd.