7th CSYS

7th CSYS

The Seventh CSYS - January, 1985

Experimental Analysis of Five Keel-Hull Combinations - Gerritsma, J. and Keuning, J. A.

Sailboat Bow Impact Stresses - Ward, Lawrence W.

Selection Criteria for Plastics Used in Through-Hull Fitting - Fraser-Harris, A.B.F.,COM and Leyden, Jerry J.

Sailboards, Inventions, Yachts, and Exotic Craft - Russell, Diana

Extended Cruising the Second Time Around - Court, Kenneth E.

The Calculation of Sail Panels Using Developed Surfaces - Clemmer, George

Stress Analysis for Light Alloy 12M Yacht Structures - Comparison Between a Transverse and a Longitudinal Structure - Boote, Dario, Ruggiero, Vincenzo, Sironi, Nicola, Vallicelli, Andrea, and Finzi, Bruno

The Development of the 12 Meter Class Yacht Australia II - van Oossanen, Peter