3rd CSYS

3rd CSYS

The Third CSYS - January, 1977

Aluminum Construction - Wyland, Gilbert

Sailing Yacht Construction in Fiberglass - Goman, William J.

Surfing: Motions of a Vessel Running in Large Waves - Letcher, John S., Jr.

The Preservation of Chesapeake Bay Watercraft - Baker, William A.

Ocean Racing - Strohmeier, Daniel D.

Principles of Sail Design - Haarstick, Stephen

Wing Sail Versus Soft Rig: An Analysis of the Successful Little America's Cup Challenge of 1976 - Bradfield, W. S. and Madhavan, Suresh

Analyzing a Yacht for Hydrodynamic Characteristics that Affect What Type of Sails and Rigs Will Work Best - Doyle, Robert E.