The Committee 2016-2017


Front row from left to right: Konstantinos Tsitsilonis (Vice Chairman), Fotios Stefanids (Chairman). 

Back row from left to right: Yi Sheng Tan (Operations Officer), Dr. Iraklis Lazakis (Faculty Advisor), Ami Todd (Web-Master), Nikoletta Vekri (Communications Officer), Paraskevi Kapsampeli (Treasurer), Nathan Tully (Secretary), Michail Cheliotis (Committee Advisor). 

Here’s more about the committee:


Fotios Stefanids, Chairman: 


Fotios is a 4th year student in the department of NAOME. He has achieved meritorious standard for all his academic years so far and he is being an active student mentor for the subject of ‘Marine Engineering Fundamentals’. He is a student member of RINA and IMarEST and has previously served as Vice-President of SUNAS (Strathclyde University Naval Architecture Society). His last two summer placements were in the technical departments of Oceandynamic's Marine Engineering & trading agency and of Neda's Maritime Agency. His love for the sea and the maritime world derives from early memories of his travelling with merchant ships under the captaincy of his father. Fotios' passion for sailing and literature occupy his spare time. His ambition is to leave his mark in the field of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.



Konstantinos Tsitsilonis, Vice Chairman:

Konstantinos is a 3rd Year student in the Dpt. of NAOME, studying Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. From his first year in the university, he was involved with Strathclyde’s Naval Architecture Society, SUNAS, becoming the president for the academic year 2015-2016. He has also worked as a trainee in Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd. where he implemented a new organisational system of the physical and virtual storage of all spare parts on board 6 VLCC vessels. Konstantinos is also the recipient of the BP Achievement Award Scholarship and the BP Travel Grant Award for his summer placement in Raffles CIMC shipyard in China. 


Nathan Tully, Secretary: 

Nathan is a 4th year undergraduate studying Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. He is a student member of RINA and a BAE Summer Intern working in the Naval Ships department over the summer of 2016. His love for the maritime industry stems from a childhood growing up around small leisure vessels on the west coast of Scotland with family and friends. With work experience in sales, retail, manufacturing and engineering, Nathan has a clear passion and drive he wishes to bring to the committee and the NAME community within the University of Strathclyde.


Paraskevi Kapsampeli,Treasurer:

Paraskevi is an enthusiastic 4th year Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Student from Greece. She entered University of Strathclyde directly at the second academic year at 2014-2015. During the past two summers, she has done two internships in marine and naval architecture related companies. She is also keen to sports and she is an ex-athlete of long distance running. Lastly, she is keen on volunteering as she has participated in many volunteering actions in the past.  



Nikoletta Vekri, Communications Officer: