UK Collegium 14/10/2014

The Strathclyde SNAME section was invited by SNAME Western Europe (WES) to attend the UK collegium hosted by the American Bureau of Shipping in London. The theme for the collegium was ‘LNG and the Environment’. The Strathclyde section boasted the highest participation with 9 members participating in the event.

The event was an immense learning opportunity with brilliant presentations which included:

Evolution of an LNG Bunker Vessel

John A. Eltringham, Project Director Bernhard Schulte (UK) Ltd.,

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) As Fuel

Patrick Janssens, Vice President - LNG, ABS Europe, Ltd.

Design of Vessels for Emission Reduction

David Connolly, Lead Principal Maritime Technologist, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd.

The presentations were educational and well understood by participants of junior years (Years 1 and 2). Despite the learning opportunity provided by the presentations, the collegium provided an opportunity for our section members to interact with fellows SNAME members, from Delft University in the Netherlands, members from University College London, as well as members from Spain.

With the announcement of potential SNAME sections at Newcastle University and Southampton University, it was an opportunity for the Strathclyde to showcase our progress and take a leadership role among the UK SNAME sections.

The Strathclyde SNAME section hopes to expand its participation in the UK collegium by providing a student presenter at this year’s collegium. The section would also like to thank the Chairperson of SNAME Western Europe; Mrs Nina Lilley and ABS, for their hospitality during the event. The section would also like to express its gratitude to the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering for sponsoring fifty percent of the expenditure in attending the seminar.