6th Annual Symposium 14/10/2015

The University of Strathclyde SNAME (UoS SNAME) Student Section committee, together with members of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and students from the Department of NAOME of the Strathclyde University visited London at the 13th of October 2015. The occasion was to attend the SNAME Western Europe (SNAME WES) 6th annual symposium, hosted on the 14th of October.


Having a free day prior to the symposium, students and committee members visited some of the world known sights and monuments of London and walked through the city’s busy and full of life streets. At the same day, all of the 11 participants walked along Thames having a chance to not only admire the magnificent view along its length but also to get a glance of the maritime life of the river.


At the day of the seminar, all the participants under our section’s coordination attended the symposium with high professionalism and enthuiasm. The attendants broadened their minds and their professional networks by meeting people from the maritime industry and students from other marine related universities. More specifically, the students of our section met marine engineers and naval architects working in major companies such as IMO, Babcock International and Wartsila. The last hours of the symposium were dedicated to two student presentations, one of which was from our own chairman Mr Michail Cheliotis. His presentation was about ‘Assessing Key Reliability and Critical Aspects of Ship System’. The day ended with a social dinner between the students of UCL and TU Delft. There undergraduate and postgraduate students exchanged ideas and made the first step towards potential future collaboration and joined events.

Overall, the symposium was a great opportunity for the students of our university and the committee of our section to enhance their technical knowledge and broaden their professional network. Special thanks go to ABS for hosting the event and to the entire committee of SNAME WES for organising the symposium.

Fotios Stefanidis, Secretary.