On the 9th of April in 2014 three members of the UoS SNAME Student Section attended the GREEN4SEA forum in Athens, orginised by SQE Marine Group. The attending members were Cheliotis Michail, Koufos Georgios and Irini Tryviza. The forum consisted of 4 sessions with 5 people for the panel of each session.

In the first session issues concerning air emissions and energy efficiency were discussed. Members of the panel included Mr Stamatis Fradelos, Principal Engineer from ABS and Mr Daniel Kane, Vice President from Propulsion Dynamics. Throughout the session problems concerning environmental regulatory developments and scrubbers were discussed.

During the second session the panel talked about green shipping development. It was made clear that sustainability had to be strongly considered as a strategic choice for shipping operators. Throughout this session great importance was given for environment and especially from the unique point of view the UK P&I Club. However one of the most interesting topics came from Mr Gilles Longueve, Managing Director of JLMD Ecologic Group when he introduced the simple and yet effective concept of the salvage-friendly ship.


During the third and fourth session ballast water management (BWM) and LNG issues were conferred. Development and progress made on the BWM frontier from the IMO and the US were presented. Then Dr John Kokarakis from Bureau Veritas talked about the challenges concerning the selection and installation of BWM systems. Then we were introduced to the concept of LNG as a marine fuel by Mr Raffael Piciocchi, from ABS.  Lastly the importance of ports as LNG bunkering stations was presented.

The GREEN4SEA forum was an amazing experience. Many important and qualified speakers updated us on the pressing issues of our industry. I believe that our attending members gained not only important knowledge but also practiced and used their networking skills. The UoS SNAME Student Section is looking forwards to the SAFETY4SEA seminar in October.