Inauguration 2014


On the 26th of March of the academic year 2013-2014, the University of Strathclyde SNAME Student Section got inaugurated. The inauguration consisted of 3 presentations from two speakers and an informal discussion.

The first two presentations were carried out by our guest speaker Mr Jerry Banks, a SNAME member for Clyde Consultants. Mr Banks, firstly, demonstrated on his talk the importance of professional societies and SNAME, before proceeding to explain the problems faced by the industry
concerning tug boats .


Following Mr Banks, Naveen Sharma, University of Strathclyde SNAME Student Section Chair, took the floor. During his talk, he explained to his attending colleagues the potential benefits that one can gain through joining the SNAME’s newly founded section and then presented the society’s event schedule along with its vision and its goals. From all the topics presented by Naveen, the ‘Leadership Development Program’ was the one that was met with greatest enthusiasm. This part of the presentation was most enjoyed with much praise at the way it was delivered.


The last part of the event was an informal discussion between the current committee members, Naveen Vishnu Sharma, Michail Cheliotis and the attending audience. During that time, the committee members explained some topics and answered questions.

In conclusion, the inauguration was met was met with great success and enthusiasm. Lots of SNAME related material was handed out, and the University of Strathclyde SNAME Student section enrolled more than thirty members. It was a successful event for a rapidly developing society. 

Written by Michail Cheliotis