The Committee 2018-2019


From Left to Right: Alan Lim (WebMaster), Charalambos Demetrio (Treasurer), Dmitris Tsevdos (Vice President), Markella Pikouni (Secretary), 
                                 Nikolaus Koutsodontis (President), Charalampos Agapiou (Operation Officer), Kritonas Dionysiou (Adviser)

 Here’s more about the committee

Nikolaos Koutsodontis, Chairman: 

Nikolaos is a 4th year student in the department of NAOME. He has been awarded from the department for his meritorious standards on the first year. He started his engagement with the university societies from the first year of his studies by being the secretary of Strathclyde university naval architecture society (SUNAS) and the Vice Chairman of UoS SNAME Student section. More than that, he is a student member of SNAME, RINA and IMarEST. Nikolaos gained useful working experience at the summer of 2016 & 2017 where he worked as Trainee naval architect and Marine engineer of the company Yacht service group S.A (Greece), at this company he was mostly involved with Project management, yacht survey and consultancy services. Nikolaos is a holder of the offshore sailing certificate and the speed boat licence. He is a passionate sailor and he loves being at sea sailing with friends. Last but not least, his passion for sea is leading him to search for new experiences and knowledge.




Dmitris Tsevdos, Vice Chairman:

Dimitrios is a 4th Year student in the Dpt. of NAOME, studying Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. Managing to enter directly in the 2nd Year of the course he immediately got involved with Strathclyde’s Naval Architecture Society, SUNAS, becoming the treasurer for the academic year 2016-2017. He has also won the Strath 70 group project, for building the fastest yacht out of all the 2nd Year students. His love for the sea and the maritime world derives from a very young age since he traveled a lot with passenger ships to the island of Chios in Greece, but what really pushed him into becoming a Naval Architect was his father, a very well-known and respected man in the maritime industry. Dimitrios dream is to follow his father’s footsteps, achieving as much as he did and more.


Markella Pikouni, Secretary: 

Markella is a 3rd year undergraduate student and is studying Naval Architecture and Marine engineering in the department of NAOME. She has so far achieved meritorious standard in the previous two academic years. Her merit performance, together with her passion for becoming more evolved during her university life, made her participate in a volunteering mentoring program. She is currently a mentor as well as the coordinator of 3rd year. Furthermore, she is a student member of SNAME, RINA and IMarEST. It is worth mentioning that she attended High school in her home country, Greece, and received a general certificate of secondary education with distinction. She also sat Pan-Hellenic Examinations at the end of her final year and won a place at the National Technical University of Athens in the department of Civil engineering, just like her father. However, her dream was to become a Naval Architect, although she did not have any influences from her family environment. Her love and continuous involvement with the sea due to the geographical position of her hometown together with her ambition to succeed in a profession having her hard work as the only prerequisite and without asking for any help from her family, were the reasons to choose this particular degree.



Charalambos Demetrio,Treasurer:

Charalampos is a 2nd year student at the University of Strathclyde in the department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. During the 1st year of his studies Charalampos was elected to be the class representative of his year which he managed to do so very well by providing the staff and fellow students new ideas and suggestions to help the department. Charalampos is also a member of RINA and SNAME and attended a lot of their meetings throughout the year. He has also served 14 months in Cyprus Naval Command Headquarters of the Cyprus National Guard. His service in the National Guard and in the Naval Command Headquarters has brought him even closer to his passion for sea and boats. During his free time Charalampos is very active taking part in a lot of outdoor activities which include cycling, kayaking,snorkeling and freediving.


 Alan Lim, Web-Master: 

Alan is a 4th year Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Student from Malaysia. As a recognition of meritorious standard of his studies, he have been included in the Dean's List. Alan have attended the SNAME Maritime Convention 2016, the first time University of Strathclyde SNAME Student Section sending representatives to attend the event. Apart from being member of SNAME, Alan is also member of RINA and SUNAS. He also hold a GMDSS Short Range Certificate issued by Royal Yachting Association. He loves to cook, travel, trade stocks and do some photography during his spare time.


Charalampos Agapiou, Operations Officer:

Charalampos is a 3rd year student, currently pursuing a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. He has been awarded for the meritorious standards that he achieved during the first and second year of his studies. He is a member of RINA and he is involved with the orchid program that provides counselling and help for more junior students. At the first year of his studies he served as an Anchorman of SUNAS. He also served two years as a Military Police sergeant in the National Guard of Cyprus. The love he always had for the sea and the fact that he is an islander turned him towards the maritime industry which has always been his childhood dream. The constant search for knowledge and passionate approach to every aspect of his life made him follow his dream in order to become a well-established Naval Architect.



Orfeas Protopsaltis, Social Media Engagement:


Orfeas is a 2nd year student in the Dpt. of NAOME, studying Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering. During his 1st year, he served successfully as the Class Representative of his class, Anchorman of SUNAS (Strathclyde University Naval Architecture Society) and became a member of SNAME, RINA and IMarEST. Furthermore, he is a holder of speed boat license and has participated in multiple shipping seminars and projects throughout the first year in the university. Being passionate, dedicated, cooperative and thirsty for knowledge, Orfeas is very optimistic and motivated for the future of Shipping Industry and possesses the dream to start his own company. Apart from the studies, his interests include entrepreneurship, traveling, reading books, human psychology, social skills development and financial studies.


Kritonas Dionysiou, Committee Advisor:

KRITONAS%20SNAME%20profile.jpg Kritonas is a Cypriot 4th year undergraduate student in the dpt. of NAOME, studying Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. He has achieved meritorious standard for the previous three academic years. During his 2nd year of studies he has served as the Vice-President of SUNAS (Strathclyde University Naval Architecture Society) and as the class representative of his class. Additionally, throughout his 3rd academic year he acted as the Chairman of the UoS SNAME Student Section. Furthermore, he has served as an Army Cadet and as a Second Lieutenant in the National Guard of Cyprus. He is enthusiastic, energetic and he likes volunteering and being involved in societies. During the previous summers, he has been working as an Apprentice Engineer at Celestyal Cruises, becoming familiar with all the operations carried out in the engine room. As far as his interests are concerned, he is passionate about table tennis, photography and playing the guitar.